How it Works

A brief review of how VectorVest analyses shares.

Nobody Values Shares like VectorVest

VectorVest monitors more than 18,300 shares each day, calculating two measures of value for each share in our database. The first measure is Value, a measure of a share’s current worth. It factors in discounted cash flows, earnings, earnings growth, profitability, inflation and interest rates. The second measure is called Relative Value (RV), it identifies a share’s long-term price appreciation potential.

A share’s value allows you to determine if a share is currently under or over-valued. Relative Value (RV) is much more than a simple price to value comparison. It is computed from an analysis of projected price appreciation three years out, AAA Corporate Bond Rates, and risk.


We start with: an RV rating of 1.00. Anything above that is worth looking at. Anything below 1.00 is a red flag. Shares with ratings above 1.00 have above average appreciation potential. If it were below average, you’d be better off in AAA corporate bonds. But that’s just the beginning.

Next: We want to measure Relative Safety (RS). This measure tells you how stable a share is compared to other investments. Again, if the share is above 1.00 it’s safer and more predictable than other shares. If it’s risky and unpredictable the rating will be below 1.00.

Then: We measure Relative Timing (RT). How does the short-term price performance look? If its price performance looks good, it gets a rating above 1.00. If it looks risky, it gets a rating below 1.00. If the price trend is flat it just gets a 1.00.


Example: If a share’s RS rating is a 1.54 it is safer than a share with an RS rating of 0.97.

Using VectorVest you can check every share for RV, RS and RT with just a few clicks. And more. You can check low-priced shares. You can check “blue-chips.” You can check entire industries and sectors. It only takes about 20 seconds to check a sector or individual share and rank them to get clear, and powerful BUY, SELL or HOLD signals. It’s amazing.

You can also check other parameters. Like P/E ratios, dividend yields, high earnings growth rates and more.

Now, with that very brief overview of how VectorVest works, allow me to show you what kind of results you can get using this unique, powerful system.

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