VectorVest 7 U.K.

The U.K.’s Fastest, Smartest Trading Software

VectorVest 7 UK analyses, sorts, ranks and graphs over 2,200 shares using 40 parameters. It provides Buy, Sell and Hold Ratings on every share, every day. Most importantly it gives you market timing updates for precise trading entry and exit points.

VectorVest 7 Overview

The VectorVest 7 UK Homepage keeps you up-to-date on rapidly changing market conditions and how they are impacting your shares. Watch your portfolio, configure the timing tools, shares, portfolios, charts and news you need where you need it. Detach it and move it to another monitor while you research a new share pick or check the news on a position.

VectorVest 7 Homepage

The VectorVest Viewers provide an analysis and ranking of over 2200 Shares, 160 Industry Groups and 39 Business Sectors. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can analyse, sort and rank shares, industry groups, and business sectors on Value, Safety and Timing and many other critical parameters.

VectorVest 7 Stock Viewer

VectorVest 7 UK provides powerful graphing features in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Graphs can be accessed from any section of the program and a convenient interface provides instant time frame selection. Add standard or custom fields with a mouse click.

VectorVest 7 Graphs

The most powerful search engine ever created just got better. UniSearch enables you to screen and sort Shares, Industry Groups and Business Sectors over minutes, days or weeks meeting a certain set of conditions. Create your own searches meeting your investment style or choose from dozens of pre-defined VectorVest searches with the simple click of a mouse.

VectorVest 7 Search

Track Multiple Portfolios created with built-in VectorVest strategies, created manually or based on your own custom strategies. Portfolio Manager provides the tools you need to analyse your portfolio's performance. Set Portfolio Automation rules and custom Alerts for automatic transactions and to provide notification of your stop-losses.

VectorVest 7 Portfolios

The VectorVest Views is a daily newsletter designed to keep you abreast of the market. Here VectorVest provides a commentary on the market, identifies the market's direction and describes what you should be doing to take best advantage of the market condition.

VectorVest 7 Views
After the trial period, VectorVest 7 UK is only $59 a month or $645 a year. VectorVest 7 UK delivers the information you need to make faster, smarter, better investing decisions including:
check Complete Value, Safety and Timing analysis of more than 2,200 shares.
check Clear Buy, Sell, Hold Recommendations on every share every day.
check Daily investment guidance based on 25 years of stock market expertise.
check Unrestricted access to top-performing share scans that span every investment style and market condition.
check Performance ranking of Sectors, Industries, Indices and ETFs.
check Proprietary market timing signals to help you buy at market bottoms and sell at market tops.
check Vibrant, easy-to-use charts enable you to analyse your shares using 11 of the most effective technical indicators.
check Automated Support & Resistance Tool reveals the best entry and exit points to help dramatically improve your short-term trading profits.
check Dividend Viewer makes it easy for income investors to stay on top of Dividend execution and payout dates.
check Customise your charts with 8 graph markers, 7 graph types, 6 drawing features, 3 time frames, 4 cursors and more.
check Flexible home page with a dozen customisable ‘gadgets’ so you never have to miss an important market move again. (including Quicklists, Mini-Graphs, Advance/Declines, News feed and more).
check QuickFolios, BackTester and Portfolio Automation make testing your ideas and managing your investments easier than ever.
check Convenient, intuitive layout with centralized Viewers, detachable tabs and custom color settings make your share research fast, fun and easy.
check Add-on Module: ProTrader 7 Searches (additional fee).
check Add-on Module: AutoTester 7 (additional fee).
check Add-on Module: Options Analyzer (additional fee).
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