VectorVest ProTrader

The most powerful search engine just got better!

ProTrader 7 Searches revolutionizes the way traders search for technical trading opportunities. Never before has the retail investor had so much power available in such an easy to use, intuitive search engine. It runs over 28 built-in technical searches which can be easily customized, or point and click to build your own. If you're tired of searching through endless charts looking for that golden opportunity, ProTrader 7 Searches is the tool for you!

A Smarter Way to Search
Imagine searching for your favorite technical breakouts with a single mouse click then looking through a few charts, ranked exactly the way you want to see them. No more scrolling through hundreds of charts until your eyes gloss over. Now it's as simple as point, click and profit!

And it's Easy to Use
A tool so easy to use anyone can use it! You don't need programming skills or computer knowledge. If you can click a mouse, you'll be up and running in minutes. Now anyone can become a technical trader with a little homework and some experience looking at charts.

VectorVest 7 MACD Crossovers
Let's say you like to trade MACD crossovers. No problem! Simply run one of the built-in MACD crossover searches, and you'll see the stocks to buy now. Here's ZOLT returned by the MACD & Stochastics Killer Crossover strategy on 7/21/10 at 3:30PM. Had you bought the stock then, you would have made 11.34% in less than 3 days!
VectorVest 7 Stochastics
What if you trade Stochastics? Again, no problem. Run the search, look at a couple charts. It couldn't be easier! Had you bought GGC, also returned by the MACD & Stochastics Killer Crossover strategy on 7/21/10 at 3:30PM, you would have made 17.29% in less than 3 days! 10 of the top 10 stocks returned made money!
VectorVest 7 QuickTest
Let ProTrader 7 Searches do the work for you!
With 28 built in searches, 18 long and 10 short, you'll have no problem finding a search to fit your technical trading style. Combine your favorite fundamental screens with your favorite technical and you'll have searching power at your fingertips like never before.
You can search for the following:
  • Channels
  • Bollinger Bands Crossovers
  • Adx Crossovers
  • EMA Crossover
  • MA Crossovers
  • ADX Crossovers
  • Envelope Crossovers
  • Stochastics Oscillator Crossovers
  • Relative Moving Averages
  • Directional Indicator Crossover
  • Adxr Crossover
  • DPO Crossovers
  • WMA Crossovers
  • MACD Crossovers
  • RSI Crossovers
  • Combination Crossovers
Just think of the combinations! And you can try it for FREE.

How much does it cost?
ProTrader 7 Searches is a Plug-In Module to VectorVest 7. It is available for a one-time of $495.